DMC 3101: Business of Creativity


Course Description

Approved to start in Fall 2024, DMC 3101 Business of Creativity offers an introduction to the structure and business of the entertainment and creative industry. It introduces basic business issues relevant for creatives in today’s competitive marketplace, including the development of strategic marketing skills for projects, basic finances and budgeting, working with producers, talent, and clients, and other practical management issues.

Content is relevant for students in arts, design, entertainment, and media disciplines, as well as content creators in business marketing.

Course Learning Objectives

  • To understand the large range of professional career opportunities within creative fields around the world
  • To learn effective time management skills
  • To become familiar with basic practices and processes relevant for creatives in business
  • To learn basic communication skills for business correspondence
  • To identify job search strategies, gain interview skills and become familiar with the Bearcat Promise Career Studio
  • To understand basic strategic marketing skills
  • To learn the basic skills of freelancing and running a small business, including general pricing and contracts
  • To recognize and discuss ethics and legal issues within creative practice
  • To learn how to work with creative partners and vendors
  • To understand continuing education and professional development opportunities, as well as community involvement