Prompting Change

Prompting Change: Embracing Diversity with Artificial Intelligence

Each of these images were created using all of the same prompts, plus one specific to the visual. Can you guess the differences?

In the ever-evolving landscape of technology and creativity, tools like MidJourney v5.2 have empowered users to generate stunning visuals with minimal effort. However, as users explore the capabilities of this powerful tool, it becomes evident that certain aspects, such as gender or racial and ethnic diversity, may require intentional prompts to be fully realized.

The platform is a fantastic resource for artistic expression, offering a wide array of features to users. Yet, like any tool, it is important to recognize areas where enhancements can be made to ensure inclusivity and representation.

The default settings of MidJourney may not always capture the rich tapestry of human diversity, prompting the need for deliberate input—relying on specific stereotypes to guide the tool.

This represents a significant disparity in how AI has been programmed to see the world and how it truly is.

To bridge this gap and promote a more inclusive creative process, consider incorporating prompts that specifically address racial and ethnic characteristics. By doing so, users can unlock a broader spectrum of possibilities, allowing MidJourney to better reflect the diverse world we live in. This conscious effort not only results in more authentic and representative imagery but also serves as a catalyst for positive change within the creative community.

Here are a few prompts you can experiment with:

  • cultural diversity
  • ethnic background
  • skin tone
  • facial feature
  • gender and age
  • height and weight

By actively incorporating these prompts into your creative process, MidJourney can become a catalyst for positive change, encouraging users to be mindful of the diverse world around them. As we leverage the capabilities of advanced tools, we should also take the opportunity to prompt change, fostering a more inclusive and representative digital landscape.

Midjourney is an independent research lab exploring new mediums of thought and expanding the imaginative powers of the human species.