The Work

Over the course of a career, a fair amount of work has accumulated.

From brand strategy to package design and photography direction—each project has a story, but due to the strategic and confidential nature of client projects, much of it is not available for public display.

For a private review of portfolio projects or to access additional materials online, let’s talk!

GE Appliances Packaging

Apra Branding

Charmin Global Identity

Convenia Branding & Packaging

Dawn Packaging

Brown Forman Global Innovation

Iams Global Packaging

Patient Journey Map

Tyson Competitive Research

KFC Customer Journey Mapping

Frito-Lay Brand Guidelines

Long Horn Customer Journey

Infusium Packaging

Amida Rebranding

Leiden Brand Identity

Scoppechio Powerpoint Template

IMF Website Redesign

Client Summary Reporting

Dawn Visual Identity

CHS Weight Loss Campaign

CHS OBGYN Campaign

GE Appliances Path to Purchase

Eukanuba Global Packaging

CeramaBryte Packaging Concept

Einstein Marketing Strategy

Skincare Consumer Persona

Infusium Packaging

Safe Home Packaging Design

Amavida Packaging Concept

Einstein Campaign Concept

GE Appliances Creative Review

Las Sevillanas Packaging Concept

Mariemont Brand Identity

Apra Consumer Persona

Classico Brand Strategy

Red Bee Brand Identity

Martin Truex Promotion

HoopAids Identity

Agency RFP Materials

Apra Branding and Packaging

KFC Design Theme

KFC 11 Photo Direction

Mariemont FAB Affair

50 West Packaging Concepts

KFC In-Store Concepts

Charmin Target Retro Package

KFC Competitive Audit

CHS Weight Loss Campaign

Scopecchio Brand Identity

Safe Home Packaging Design

LouCity FC Identity Concept

GE Appliances Sales Materials

Disclaimer: Due to the confidential nature of previous client projects, much of it is not available for public display. Additionally, many of the projects were completed while employed with other agencies—which retain ownership of the work. The comments and opinions expressed on this site are of the individual author and may not reflect the opinions of these agencies, the project clients and/or the brands listed. All logos, graphics and designs are the property of their respective owners.