Miami University


Preparing Others for a Dynamic Future in Design

College of Creative Arts, Adjunct Faculty

I have been a member of the Adjunct Faculty with the College of Creative Arts at Miami University–most recently teaching the graphic design senior thesis and business of design classes. This is where I got my start teaching at the university level. 

The graphic design program at the Oxford, Ohio campus has two interrelated goals: to prepare students for the practice of design in the professional context, and to provide the basis for their continued creative and personal growth. With a problem-solving format, students develop visual communication skills, explore the integration of type and images through a variety of traditional and computer media, and imaginatively deliver messages responsive to the needs of the sender and the receiving audience. Students learn to be aware of the cultural context in which they work, keeping in mind the responsibilities inherent to a discipline that engages our society.

Senior Thesis Project | ART452

  • Individual projects proposed, researched, and executed
  • Enables students to learn how to define and limit a project, choose the best format for a particular communication goal, organize and schedule time, and set and meet interim goals
  • Participation in a gallery exhibit is a requirement of this course

The Business of Design | ART353

  • An introduction to basic business issues relevant for designers in today’s competitive marketplace
  • Development of strategic marketing skills, a basic understanding of finances and budget, the creation of client contracts, basic production knowledge

Image | ART252

  • This course covers visual and symbolic communication, including generation of visual symbols, graphic simplification, communication of content through form, and visual metaphor.
  • Visual problem-solving skills and concepts are addressed and further development of technical skills.

Introduction to Design | ART151

  • An introductory course in the graphic design program that defines the field and gives an overview of the professional venues in which designers practice