Retail Insight

Gauging Consumer Perception

Great emphasis has been placed upon the positioning, character and communication of brands at the retail shelf, but consumers and shoppers are looking for more than just singular products.

  • Individuals are looking for performance, flavor, ideas, and convenience, as well as value during these difficult economic times.
  • People are looking to provide for their families, share moments with their friends— to express their way of life, not to mention the items on their grocery list.
  • Retailers and brand marketers are interested in driving profit at the point of sale—leveraging brands and emotion to add value. Making an emotive connection with their target is of the utmost importance.

This research was initiated with University of Cincinnati’s MS-Marketing graduate level capstone program as an effort to better understand the consumer perception of prepared foods, including purchase drivers and eating habits. The study spanned traditional secondary research, as well as primary qualitative and quantitative methods—shop-a-longs, in-depth interviews and Internet surveys.