Tyson Deli Meats

Brand Development

As Senior Brand Identity Manager at leading Omnicom brand consultancy Interbrand, I led efforts on a number of branding initiatives for Tyson—including Deli Meats and Bacon brands.

Brand Strategy, Brand Identity Workshop and Guidelines

A brand identity workshop was conducted with all internal and external stakeholders to establish the long-term direction for the Tyson Deli Meat Brands (Russer, Wilson and Wunderbar). The goal of the workshop was develop tools to gain incremental volume and fair share distribution with key customers.

Brand Identity Guidelines were developed for each of the three Tyson Deli brands. The guides were used as tools to understand the overall position, character and visual identity of each of the brands. The guidelines were used to immerse all internal and external stakeholders and as an inspiration and guide for all brand executions including: product development, package design, and marketing communications.

The guides ensure that the deli brands deliver distinctive, consistent and relevant messages to its consumer target.


Tyson Deli Meat project(s) completed while employed with Interbrand. The comments and opinions expressed on this site are of the individual author and may not reflect the opinions of Interbrand, Tyson and/or the Russer, Wilson and Wunderbar brands.