Mariemont City Schools

The Power of the Tribe is the Heart of a Warrior


Brand and Visual Guidelines

MAR_BeforeAfterComprised of a new brandmark as well as refined colors and typefaces, the new Mariemont Warrior brand identity was introduced to underscore the Mariemont City Schools commitment to a strategic direction that is anchored to academic and athletic excellence.

The identity system was enhanced to reinforce the core essence of the Mariemont City Schools brand—Scholars of today. Leaders of tomorrow.

MAR_BrandGuidelines_v1_Fall2012_Page_1This core essence of the Mariemont Warrior brand includes strength of character, exceptional performance in the classroom and on the field of play, a heritage of excellence, forward thinking and an unbridled spirit that seeks challenge. Critical to the successful implementation of the new identity is its consistent application. Before vendors are given authorization to apply the identity to any asset, the project must meet the specifications outlined in the new guidelines and written approval must be secured from the Director of Communications.


The guidelines include:


  • Approval Form
  • General Guidelines
  • E-mail Signature

Graphic Elements

  • Legal Notes
  • Brand Name
  • Approved Brandmarks
  • Approved Taglines
  • Approved Colors
  • Unacceptable Uses
  • Brandmark Variations
  • Color Variations
  • Typography
  • Sub-Brands

Identity Usage

  • Team Apparel
  • Spiritwear
  • Stationery System
  • Promotional Collateral
  • Digital Identity

Seasonal Sports Programs