Snack Foods

Brand Innovation and Product Development

Primary develop the basic components of a marketing bundle that addresses consumer needs within cognition and mobility.

Secondary: Take into consideration the sustainability of the product and package design, focusing on the minimization of packaging materials; identification of new materials is unnecessary.

Specifically you will be asked to develop concepts which include:

  • Basic product idea
  • Package structure and graphic design
  • Multi-sensorial product experience (i.e. demonstrate how the package experience can lend to superior product experience)
  • Execution in current brand/identity or develop new ones
Livewell Collaborative is an innovative, leading edge model for corporations and universities, specializing in research and development for the 50+ market. Located at the University of Cincinnati and serving a wide variety of corporations, the collaborative’s mission is to develop products and services that delight the 50+ consumer. Expanding on P&G’s “Connect and Develop” concept, Livewell was formed as a response to meet the growing market opportunity of America’s aging population.
Specific project research and concepts are confidential from the Kraft sponsored Livewell Collaborative Studio, Spring 2011. Additional process background on the trans-disciplinary approach of this studio is available at Livewell Collaborative.