I am a Hybrid

The T Designer

There is a term that I learned about in graduate school at University of Cincinnati’s College of Design, Architecture, Art, and Planning. The “T Designer” is an individual with deep expertise in one design discipline and understanding across multiple disciplines.

A simple concept really, but one that is often lost within siloed organizations.

The Creative Plus

Throughout my career, I have leveraged design thinking and collaboration as problem solving methods—not only between design disciplines, but also the functional marketing specialties of advertising and design agencies, as well as corporate clients. Outside of the design disciplines, I’d like to think of of myself as a creative plus—an individual that understands the perspectives of other functions and adds value to their efforts.

As marketers, we often talk about having empathy for the consumer or our audience, but what about our coworkers and industry partners? Have we taken the time to build relationships with all business stakeholders? Do we fully understand the process? Can we create new methods with better outcomes? Or are we just throwing it over the fence for the next group to deal with it?

I am a hybrid—an interdisciplinary designer and marketer. I work to understand, support and provide actionable solutions across functional disciplines.